What does ifileme do?

A Truly Digital Solution

Intelligent Personal Document Filing and Sharing, replacing e-statements, emails, portals and many more!!

50% cheaper than any other solution (free to the consumer)
No more e-mails
No need for e-mail or sms notification
in-app delivery and notification
Ongoing storage - no cost to consumer
in-app payments for participating companies
Delivery notification
Eliminate paper

Individuals and Companies can benefit:

Eliminate e-mails, snail mail, and e-statements
Eliminate spam
Put all your personal documents back in your hands anytime, anywhere
Immediate in-app delivery of personal documents
Making preparing and sending secure documents to millions of clients as simple as clicking a button
Make audit documents and workflow simple and transparent
Improves customer experience and facilitates better customer service
Ability to lock a document - end user can only open it with SSN or biometric verification
Customer updates personal information on profile and all companies he/she chose to deal with is notified - no need for individual notifications!
Easily communicate due date/milestone reminders
Photo ID module makes it impossible to commit fraud and or steal a customer's identity
in-app bill payment expedites transaction times
no document sorting and searching - all neatly and intelligently filed
Sign and share documents online

 Cost Savings

Eliminates expenditure on envelopes, stamps/metered postage, letter paper, print devices, print conumables, device repairs and maintenance
Reduce the cost of email/file servers and related maintenance and support costs
No content management software licensing and hardware
Reduce the cost of protecting personal information and keeping client records up to date
Speed to collect payments of bills