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Dū is a secure universal platform (with apps) that enables companies to manage their clients’ personal

documents and data whilst clients have full view and access of all their personal documents. No more

emails, no more portals and no more post!!!

Dū | Take Control of Your Personal Data

The focus on personal information privacy grows daily. Data breaches by means of malicious activity, accident, or carelessness grab headlines…and ruin lives. As we increasingly shift the personal and professional aspects of our lives further into the digital realm, the need for information security is amplified…so too is the threat if we continue to expect institutions we interact with to maintain and secure our data. The solution, we believe, is addressing it at the most fundamental level: secure the user. That’s why we created Dū…to secure the digital you.

Dū enables companies to securely share all your personal data with you and allows individuals to maintain and control their own data in a secure environment, and share only what they want to share when, how, where, and with whom they want to share it. Medical records, financial statements, insurance documents…even family photos… they all have value and, hence, have a place in Dū.

Dū - Secure the Digital You.™

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Patent to Use A Device as a Physical Address

Top Technology in Multiple Start Up Competitions

POC in 4 Countries on 3 Continents w/ 90M+ Users

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General Questions

iFileMe ™ is a secure cloud based (Azure) universal platform (Web and App) that facilitates B2C/C2B secure exchange and logical filing of personal documentation. It addresses numerous regulatory requirements and drastically reduces the cost of many cumbersome and time-consuming processes, anytime anywhere.

You can upload all your personal documents via a picture, from documents (android) or from your email attachment. you can sign a pdf on the phone, share documents with other individuals and companies and even email it if you need to, you can set a reminder and give companies consent or deny consent to share your documents with 3rd parties and a lot more!!

Companies can register on ifileme and then upload all their clients' documentation on behalf of their clients in a structured way - your documents are filed on your behalf by the same companies that create all the paper

Well ask yourself where are all your personal documents (insurance, marriage certificate, qualification certificates, bank documents, municipal documents, warranties etc etc? if they are not all in one place digitally and a back-up off site then stop wasting time and download the app!!

There is no cost to the individual. Companies will be charged based on their requirements but it will be up to 80% less expensive than any alternative!!

Well as secure as office 365... it is hosted on Azure and as secure as it can be.

Nothing! all information is in the cloud - the Azure cloud!

Yes, a company will be able to distribute and file the documents on behalf of the consumer

Only the first time that you notify a consumer to download ifileme – thereafter the consumer can change email addresses as often as they want with no impact on the distribution

The notification to download the app to access documentation can also be done via SMS – again this will be the last time that you require the mobile number of the client

The company will be notified on their ifileme dashboard every time a customer opens his/her documents uploaded by the specific company

Yes, the app has a “Consent” functionality where the company can ask basic questions and received a logged answer of “Yes” or “No”

Absolutely, a company will even be able to determine if the document is one that the customer has created/uploaded him/herself or if it was a document uploaded by another company

None of the traditional personal details (address, mobile number, email address) are required to communicate with the consumer. However if the consumer changes this detail in the app “profile” then all companies that he/she deals with will be notified of the changes and can act accordingly should they still require the information

There is no cost for the consumer and it is 50% cheaper for companies than any other solution out there

It is in exactly the same format and you can print it if it is required

That is your choice, but you will be charged for the paper statement (as in the past)

You will be notified in-app of the delivery and you will get your statement neatly filed under the company logo that send it to you

Yes all documents can be deliveredf in this way ensuring that you always have all your documents with you anytime, anywhere

Request these from the company that you deal with and they can also deliver it in-app